(Q) .. There is aluminium in your colloidal minerals, will this cause me to get Alzheimer’s Disease?

(A) .. Our answer to this is NO. The reasoning behind this statement is as follows:

On analysis, our colloidal minerals contain 80mg of aluminium in each litre, that is 16mg in each of our 200mL bottles. There are 40 doses of 5mL to each bottle. This equates to 0.4mg of aluminium in a recommended daily 5mL dose of one capful.
Aluminium is the third most abundant element in the earths crust (at 8%).

We each have an average natural ingestion from food of 10mg daily (US National Library of Medicine National Institute Of Health). This is 25 times greater than our recommended daily dose.

The World Health Organisation recommends that aluminium in treated drinking water should not exceed 20mg each day (for a 70kg person). This is 50 times greater than the aluminium in our recommended daily dose.

(Q) .. How do I store my colloidal minerals?

(A) .. As we use no preservatives, after opening your colloidal minerals we recommend that you keep them in the refridgerator. This prevents spores or contaminants from growing in the bottle and reducing the effectiveness of your colloids.

(Q) .. How long will my colloidal minerals last unopened?

(A) .. In a cool dark place unopened colloidal minerals should last indefinitely.

(Q) .. What is a childs dose rate?

(A) .. We recommend 2.5mL (half a capful) daily.

(Q) .. Can I mix my capful of colloids with any liquid?

(A) .. We recommend water, soda water, or fruit juices.

The tannins or congeners in tea or coffee may interfere with the colloids, or even cause some precipitation making some colloids unavailable.

(Q) .. Can I overdose or take too much of my colloids?

(A) .. No. If you exceed the dose of colloids we recommend, you will waste what will simply pass through your system.